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Preserving Our Resources Since 1996.

The East Stanislaus RCD provides local resource conservation for more than 984 square miles east of the San Joaquin River.

About Your East Stanislaus RCD

The East Stanislaus RCD prioritizes local resource conservation concerns and the implementation of planned activities by assisting District cooperators, land users, and landowners by providing technical, financial and administrative assistance, and representation at various workshops, meetings and public hearings. As a local decision making body, the East Stanislaus RCD directs and coordinates activities of the USDA and other local, state, and federal agencies within the District. Meet our Board of Directors!

Join The Conservation - Help Protect Our Resources

The works of the East Stanislaus RCD are made possible by the community’s support and donations. Your contribution goes towards our programs that foster conservation, education, and awareness.

Our Programs

If you are a landowner, farmer, group or association, the ESRCD will work with you to implement conservation practices on your properties! Our projects not only benefit the environment but enhance aesthetics and safety, improve efficiency and operations, decrease maintenance costs, and promote good neighborhood relationships. Check out our programs below:

Community Outreach

We love getting our community involved in preserving our natural resources! From the annual Salmon Festival in Riverbank to river clean-ups throughout East Stanislaus County, we have a lot of events to get involved in. See how you can participate with the East Stanislaus RCD and better your local environment with these great projects:

ESRCD Meetings

Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am in the NRCS Conference Room. Click here for more information!

Upcoming Events

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