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We provide educational outreach on conservation and agriculture for K-12, colleges, landowners, and the general public. Through a variety of venues such as demonstrations, tours, classroom activities, presentations, and social media, we can bring conservation to you.

Ag Edventure

We are passionate about educating youth about agriculture and conservation! One event we participate in yearly is Ag Edventure, an elementary outreach program started by CSU Stanislaus in Turlock. Various agencies, educators, and organizations from the area come together to provide an interactive experience for elementary school students. A favorite among participants is the rainfall simulator which demonstrates the interaction between rainfall and soil, as well as how good soil management practices can help conserve water.

Ag Edventure
Ag Edventure

Landowners & Ranchers

The RCD provides workshops and trainings for landowners and ranchers in conservation and agriculture. These address local resource use issues, best management practices, and explanations of available government resources so you can take advantage of them.


For students interested in getting involved with the RCD, we can always use your help. Whether you are a college student in need of volunteer hours or just want to learn more about what the RCD does, please contact us. We would love to find a place where your interests and skills can grow.