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There are many ways you can help to keep our programs going. Grants and agreements are how we keep staff employed to continue our conservation efforts and begin new projects or build upon existing projects. However, funding can be difficult to obtain, and often does not cover everything needed to sustain strong, lasting and beneficial programs.

We have a number of projects for which we are looking for sponsors and materials. Here some of our programs that currently need support:Dos Rios-San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge

SLEWS (Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship) 

SLEWS is an educational program that involves local high school students with projects beneficial to our area’s watershed, providing hands-on field days and experiential learning opportunities. Sponsorship may cover necessary field day costs, such as bussing, sub fees, student materials, student lunches, mentor training, etc. We are also in need of many items in our wish list to ensure that students have tools necessary to participate in field days. Learn more about SLEWS here.

Stanislaus Grown

Stanislaus Grown promotes local agriculture through events, a local food and farm guide, participation in educational outreach, and other opportunities beneficial to the increased recognition of our agricultural heritage and products. Sponsorship assists with continued staffing towards Stanislaus Grown, the annual directory, promotional materials and event costs. Visit the Stanislaus Grown site here.

Workshops and Field Days: 

ESRCD assists with workshop and field day planning on various topics beneficial to conservation efforts and improved agricultural practices. Sponsorship assists with the cost of planning, promotional materials and event costs. Learn more about our workshops and field days here.

Mobile Irrigation Lab

We are currently working on rolling out out our mobile irrigation lab, a practical on-site irrigation system evaluation.

Please contact the RCD office for more information on how to donate